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This beer can has a monster eating a fat cat on it

After Health Care Loss, Trump Goes to Long Island to Beat Up on Immigrants

“At a time when the administration is trying to defund health care, PBS, or almost all other government agencies over […]

This Latina’s Clapback to Her Boss’ Discrimination is Epic AF

Nothing said she couldn't wear a cape to work.

Make-up Artist Born in Mexico Cancels Invite to Contest Winner Over Trump Tweet

"I've drawn a personal line in the sand between myself and anyone who supports that man."

With DACA & TPS Threatened & a Dream Act Introduced, How We Chart Our Way Forward Matters

Let us seize clean opportunities and quickly condemn anything that turns a Dream into a nightmare, anything that would increase […]

When Vultures Circle, We Do Not Run: Lessons from Detroit to Puerto Rico

Both Motor City and Borikén are fighting against the control boards trying to take them over.

Mijente Hosting Escuelitas for Latinx Changemakers!

This summer Mijente is hosting escuelitas for members and potential members to deepen our analysis, grow our skills, and strengthen […]

Yanez Murdered Philando

Latinx Anti-Blackness Killed Philando Castile

Lester Rey & Dxtr Spits’ New Song, Arrachera, is a New Summer Anthem for When You’r…

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