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7 Powerful Quotes on Alternatives to Punishment Culture

June 23rd, 2022

Since launching Mijente in 2015 to help our gente achieve el Buenvivir, we have thrown down to protect the physical wellbeing and safety of people in crisis. From actions to halt deportation proceedings, to demanding the cancellation of digital prison alternatives, to our latest report on Latinx experiences with the police – we center the [...]


What “Lemonade” Could Teach “Ain’t Your Mama” About Today’s Feminism

May 12th, 2016

JLO’s new song, Ain’t Your Mama, is, as predicted, a hit. And why wouldn’t it be?
Women are fed up af. We are still not earning as much as the rich white guys, and there is a higher value on our looks and ability to meet the needs of men, as opposed to our own unique dreams and goals. So, thanks JLO for opening up this conversation. It’s good for artists to take stands and risks.