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Latinx Perspectives on Policing and Safety - Mijente

Together, we can develop opportunities to mobilize communities, inform new organizing, and sharpen political demands. Join our upcoming virtual events to connect in conversation with others about the report and inform where we go from here.

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La Chancla: ¿Qué Tiene Que Ver con La Justicia?

4 PM PT / 7PM ET
Platicaremos sobre cómo el uso de el castigo aparece en nuestras vidas, y la relacion a la vigilancia policial.

Fuera La Chancla: Herramientas e Intervenciones

4 PM PT / 7PM ET
Aprenderemos cómo ser una cultura sin castigos en nuestros círculos, espacios organizativos y familias.

More on the Report:

Mijente is proud to release the first national comprehensive study on Latinx attitudes about policing and public safety in the United States and Puerto Rico. We believe in our gente and our communities, that together we can envision and build futures beyond the constraints of punitive measures.


That’s why we commissioned a national study and focus groups, to better understand Latinx experiences and develop strategic organizing interventions and resources.

The results tell a story that mirrors the Latinx diaspora as a whole: our gente’s political perspectives vary drastically depending on any number of factors. Still, in analyzing thousands of responses across 11 different focus groups, it is clear that our gente believe that making communities safer is about resources, jobs, and education, not more police.



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