Episode 5: Elevating Our Ancestors, Elevating Ourselves

Ancestors are complicated. Some of them we knew, loved immensely, and miss daily. Others we knew and their memory causes pain, and we hope to never repeat their mistakes again in the world. Either way, they inevitably live in us and in our families’ costumbres, personalities and behaviors. Should we honor and elevate them all irregardless of their character? If so, how?

In this episode, we speak to Jose Rodriguez, “Agboola” about his ancient West African spiritual tradition of Ifá–which has made its way to every corner of Latin America from Chile to Colombia, Brazil to Cuba–and about what it means to praise the ancestors. We talk about why it is profoundly important, not only for their spirits, but for our own character, elevation and evolution here in the world as individuals and as a collective.

Episode 4: Healing Our Bodies with Food

The world might disagree on a lot. One thing is for sure–we all love food! From filling up our bellies with our delicious traditional dishes to treating our corazoncitos, physical pains, and illnesses with our ancestral ingredients, food is central to who we are and what we do. In this episode we are in conversation about the energetic and nourishing healing capacity of food with Julio Mendoza, Chef and owner of The Ital Trap, a mobile and pop-up food concept that specializes in tropical plant-centric cuisine and Chef Maria Parra Cano, owner and mami-prenuer of Sana Sana Foods, a plant based movement aimed at healing our community through food.

Episode 3: Flower Essence Medicine for the Heart and the Spirit

We use the essences of flowers in many forms as a people, from our abuelita’s manzanilla teas to the curadera’s esencias floridas also known as tinctures, flowers have served our bodies and hearts for generations.  In this episode we converse with Flower Doctor, Organizer and Masters In Family Therapy, Guadalupe Rocio Chavez about her path as a Flower Essence Healer in Los Angeles tending to formally incarcerated people and their families through the healing power of flowers.  She will teach us about transforming grief, anger, melancholy and restoring a sense of connection through the power of “plantitas.”

Episode 2: Is Therapy Only for the Locos?

Increasingly, Latinx people are more open and actively seeking counseling and therapy as a source of healing. At the same time many in our familias still believe it is only for the “locos” or the “blancos”, but the root of this belief is not unfounded. The history of psychology has been used as a tool of white supremacy for centuries. We will talk to Cristalis Capielo Rosario, Ph.D and Professor at Arizona State University about her journey and her culture shock after moving from the island of Puerto Rico to the U.S. South, loving psychology and also navigating racism and sexism as a student, and her passion to create culturally grounded theory and practice in the field. Also listen to great advice form Dr. Capielo Rosario on what to look for in a therapist and how to best excercise your own agency!

Episode 1: Healing Our Communities

Introducing La Cura Podcast by Mijente in collaboration with Resilient Strategies, hosted by Francisca Porchas Coronado

Let’s talk healing! Healing is a word that is becoming increasingly popular, but what does it really mean for so many of us in the Latinx community? In this episode, spiritual and political leaders Manuela Arciniegas y Manuel Criollo engage in the polemic about what we are healing from, and what awaits us on the other side of transformation. Our traditional healing practices have been critical to our own survival and continued presence as Latinx people.  We will converse about how our culture, traditions, stories, and remedios continue to sustain us and nourish us even in the midst of all the world’s brokenness and despair.

Coming March 9: La Cura

Introducing La Cura Podcast by Mijente in collaboration with Resilient Strategies. Hosted by Francisca Porchas Coronado.

La Cura will take you on a journey that centers Latinx healing and wellbeing.  We will explore what healing is, the possibilities for for it, and engage in conversation with thought leaders, historians, spiritual sages, trauma informed healers, traditional and western medicine practitioners and many more.