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Donald Chump - Mijente


Because what else is there to do but take down this fool?

If Saturday Night Live will give Trump a platform to spew his hate,
we will pull the stage from under him.

 If shows like SNL seem to think it’s OK to continue with a mostly white cast, we’re gonna create our own stage.

Mijente and Remezcla are teaming up
in a call out for take downs using music, art, comedy, and whatever talent you got Raza.

Submit your spoken word pieces, music of all kinds, a rap, Hotline Bling spoof, comedy, or art and post it where you post your fabulous-ness.
hashtag it #TRUMPAZO.

We’ll feature your work on our sites and together we’ll promote the pushback.

SNL ain’t got nothing on us.

#CapOnTrump On Instagram

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Paid for in part by Mijente PAC, 734 W Polk St., Phoenix, AZ 85007, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.