Become a Digital Partner

Mijente’s petition platform is designed for Latinx changemakers and anyone who wants to make positive change. People have used it to expand access to queer clubs, to challenge language discrimination in the workplace, to stop individual deportations, and more.

Organizations who wish to use the platform can sign up for a digital partner account.

Anyone who starts a petition on the platform can:

  • Send up to three emails to signers per week from within the platform
  • Collect signatures on paper
  • Download names of signers to deliver the list to your target
  • Host events related to popular petitions

The digital partner account allows you to:

  • Create custom share messages to increase the virality of your campaign
  • Customize follow-up emails to include specific action steps or asks
  • Download and export a full list of your petition signers so you can follow-up however and whenever you want

Many other platforms offer you the ability to post petitions, few of them let you take your list with you when it’s done. And ever fewer have a base of rad Latinx supporters who share your values and know your struggle.