Campaign Basics

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Who is it that can give you want you want?
Who is the ultimate decision-maker?

“We chose the Mayor because he had made positive statement before and we knew the Governor wasn’t going to budge.”


What do you want your target to do?
What specific change are you trying to make?

“Some people just wanted to make sure the detainees were treated well. But we didn’t want our city to be detaining people at all.”


Who is likely to share your petition?
Who else is impacted by the issue you’re raising?
What is the language they’ll relate to and understand?

“Our base doesn’t need convincing, they needed a demand they could believe in and get behind.”


Who else is working on similar issues?
Who represents people who are also affected by the issue you’re raising?

“The bill to force immigrants to serve maximum sentences in jail was an attack on our community but it was also a display of right-wing power, costly to the state, and a criminal justice issue. There were alot more people who cared about it.”