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November 2nd, 2017

Somos Mas – A Prayer for Puerto Rico and Mexico

Somos mas que temblores
Somos mas que huracanes

Yet we are also the earth
Cracking inside our bodies

We are flooding thoughts
and howling winds of rebellions past

Grito de Lares, Gritos de Independencia
Are real ghosts haunting us

Ayotzinapa hurts us
Mujeres de Juarez,
Cuerpos y corazones rotos
Me y tu

Promesas broken
We are cracking

The ground shifts
Our insides seek a new
Alignment , a new prayer
for fresh water,
soil, seeds, homes
to protect our flesh, our spirit.

The earthquakes and hurricanes made us call home
Waking up and finding unrecognizable

this water we now fear
They can’t drink from the river
El Yunque can’t breathe
Las casas se caen
Mi sierra se cae

Llamamos a nuestras casas
Hoping more than silence

Is our family safe over there?
Can my hands find them on
This phone screen?

How do I help?
Will aid even get there?

How do we hold the living
when the Jones Act is sinking us?
To who do we owe these empty bonds?

Too many stopped
breathing too soon
You were not supposed
To be honored by the altar
this Day of the Dead yet

Now we call on each other
Mexicano, Puerto Rican, Chicanx, Boricua

Us the living find solace knowing
border walls crack too, they crack and fall
because flooding comes before a birth

Our waters break
We are born from water and
Our earth skin tears too

Let the tears fall
There is so much to be shedded
To give space for the new coming of us
harvesting a new song

Lenina & Luz

Lenina Nadal is a Puerto Rican writer, social justice organizer, activist, and a member of Mijente’s Commsquad based in Brooklyn, NYC.

Luz Schreiber is a Mexicana mother, poet, writer, professional translator and food researcher based in Queens NY.

Paid for in part by Mijente PAC, 734 W Polk St., Phoenix, AZ 85007, not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.