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August 24th, 2017

A Latino GOP Member Announced He Would Defend Sheriff Arpaio on TV. It Didn’t Go Well for Him.

Sergio Arellano is a Latino activist in southern Arizona… for the GOP. After serving in the armed forces as a teen and starting an international car shipping business between the US and Mexico, he dedicates himself to getting out the vote for Republicans. That includes the current President who is seeking to build a wall between those two countries.

Here he is speaking to Al Jazeera about why we need a wall.


And we are LIVE on the Border with Teresa Bo English Correspondent Aljazeera Network “The English Channel Network”

Posted by Sergio Arellano-Oros on Monday, November 7, 2016

So this past week after Phoenix police tear gassed protesters outside Trump’s klan rally  campaign rally in Phoenix where he hinted that he’d be pardoning the convicted Sheriff Arpaio, it’s only natural that Arellano would be the party’s pick to go on Telemundo to defend the President and the Sheriff. (He’s probably the only GOP member who speaks Spanish in Arizona).

The aspiring political operative tweeted out an announcement that he’d be on the show later that day, that’s probably the last thing that went well for him.

From there, long time immigrant rights group, Puente, immediately shared why Arpaio should not be pardoned, the case of Marty Atencio who Sheriffs killed on camera inside his jail.

Others followed suit.

His tweet became a thread for Arpaio’s wrong-doings and the community’s resistance

And they started questioning his position on school board, a spot that many politicians run for as a stepping stone to larger posts

It actually goes on and on. You can read the rest of the responsesand here.

And tune in to Enfoque this weekend to watch the debate.

Hairo Cortes is a Mijente member and the director of Chispa in Santa Ana, CA. Follow him on twitter @HCortes96

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