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April 7th, 2017

Trump Wants to Know Who’s Behind this Immigration Account, Twitter Says No.

Immediately after 45 (aka Trump) took office, a handful of government accounts took to twitter to dissent… and troll the illegitimate president.

The national parks service was told to cease and desist with its tweets after it retweeted comparisons of crowd sizes of the 2016 inauguration to the amount of attendees at Obama’s swearing in.

The DC Metro twitter account had no problem giving updates about how little ridership it had that day compared to four years prior.

But one account has drawn the ire of the White House. The regime has demanded that twitter release the identity of whoever is behind @alt_Uscis, a parody account that describes itself as, “immigration resistance . Team 2.0 1/2 Not the views of DHS or USCIS. Old fellow drank russian soup. #altgov.”

Twitter is suing the government to protect the user’s identity, saying that the anonymous sharing of information over its platform is a central tenet to free speech and should not be violated.

What’s so dangerous that the regime has decided that it must know who is behind the tweets?

As of this morning the pinned tweet for the account gives some indication, the constitution:

It’s just one of a network of accounts that use #altgov as a hashtag to break news and provide information on the current regime.  Who’s behind it? No one knows. And that’s how it should stay.

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