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February 23rd, 2017

People Are Dragging the Anaheim PD on Facebook After Cops Arrest Kids Shot at by Off-Duty Officer

Anaheim PD is being Blasted on FaceBook With 1 Star Reviews

The Anaheim Police Department’s Facebook page was bombarded with nearly 500 one star reviews last night following the department’s reaction to an off-duty police officer shooting at a group of teenagers Tuesday afternoon.

Video of the altercation between the off-duty cop and the teenagers shows a white man dragging a small boy around a front lawn while a group of teens plead with him to let the boy go.

OC Weekly reports that the 13-year-old in the video alleged “that the off-duty cop called a girl a ‘cunt’ when telling her to get off his property, and then tackled him first when he stood up for her.” Towards the end of the video, the officer is seen brandishing a sidearm and can be heard firing his weapon. The Anaheim PD arrive at the scene only to arrest two of the teens, charging them with assault and making terrorist threats- and Facebook was having none of it.

In a show of solidarity with the teens and disgust over what many consider the Anaheim PD’s racist handling of the incident, people took to the police department’s Facebook page to make their voices heard.

Some, like Juan Mora,praised the kids for sticking up for their friend while blasting the Anaheim Police Department for allowing the gunman to go unpunished.

Others connected this incident to previous instances of police brutality associated with the Anaheim Police Department and shed light on a possible pattern of abuse.

While only a symbolic gesture, the ability  for people to use a public space to express their descent and expose the structural racism embedded within systems of  law enforcement is an important step in holding those systems accountable . It also serves as an example of people to come together organically to form a community united against battling oppression. This is emblematic of the organizing found at the core of recent movements. This is how win.

One thing we don’t know is how many people have used the Anaheim PD’s crime tip button to report the off-duty cop’s actions as crime.

But while people pressure for disciplinary action on the off-duty officer, the’re also raising funds for Christian, the student grabbed and assaulted in the video. You can donate here. 

fundraising for christian

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