Trump Protester Transferred to Immigration Authorities in Arizona

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March 20th, 2016

Yesterday a multiracial coalition of immigrant rights, faith, labor and local activists peacefully rallied as well as shut down both of the main roads leading to Donald Trump’s event to stand #UnitedAgainstHate and protest the racist violence his campaign is causing.

Among those arrested at the rally was Jacinta Gonzalez, field director for Mijente, who had locked her neck to a vehicle blocking the principal route to the rally.

However, unlike the two other arrestees, Gonzalez, who is a citizen of the U.S., wasn’t released last night. Instead she was transferred to federal deportation agents to investigate her immigration status as a result of her Latino surname.

“The two others were able to go home but because of my last name I was questioned by ICE and transferred to their custody.” Gonzalez explains, “As I was trying to defend my rights inside, I saw the faces of two children in one of the holding cell. We’re going to continue to fight, to say #Not1More, and Dump Trump.”

In a statement released the previous day, protesters pointed to the Trump effect as cause for a package of anti-immigrant laws being proposed in Arizona’s statehouse – including those sponsored by the husband of Linda Kavanagh, the Mayor of Fountain Hills where the Trump rally was planned.

“In Arizona we’ve heard Trump’s hate before and we know where it gets us,” said Carlos Garcia, Executive Director of Puente Arizona in reference to the 2010 SB1070 that cost the state $200 million after a boycott and caused international embarrassment as the state became synonymous with racism. “The Trump effect isn’t just about a candidate. Trump’s ugly rhetoric is being turned into policy proposals as we speak that threaten the wholeness of our families and the safety of our communities. All people of conscience have to unite to stop it.”

“People will not sit quietly as Trump campaigns to move us back in the shadows, to the back of the bus, or back in the closet,” adds Marisa Franco, director of Mijente, a national hub for Latino organizing involved in the protest today. “The greatest act of love we can show is to shut down hate where it rears its head and demand that we do better than the cheap politics and false solutions that Trump is peddling. The billionaire may want to pit poor people against each other but our necks are not available for standing on.”

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6 thoughts on “Trump Protester Transferred to Immigration Authorities in Arizona”

  1. Susanna L. Wells says:

    Good for Jacinta & everyone else fighting this hate filled rhetoric. It is certainly sad to see people jumping on the bandwagon for racism, bigotry & inequality. You go girl!

  2. fran bogue says:

    Sickness is being allowed to take a foothold….

  3. Kathleen Montes says:

    Power to the People #NotMeUS #GoBernie
    Thank you everyone for the good work that your are doing!

  4. Vicky says:

    Go lady defend Latinos trump is only turning every one against different color where as we are seeing how much hate there is in the United states for we know we are all children of immigrants not necessarily Mexico which he seems to target god bless you!

  5. Mary Bell says:

    We need to stand firm in the belief that all are created equal.

  6. As I watch and listen to Trump and his followers. I am reminded of how evil and abusive racism is for the victim and the assailant. Being brought up in South Texas, I well remember the despise and hatred visited upon children of Mexican ancestry like myself and others. The beatings for speaking Spanish, the ridicule for the incorrect pronunciation of English works. For our consumption of refried beans and tortillas. I remember not being allowed to read certain books and papers because of being Mexican and not white. The inability to gain employment in management or jobs that were not manual labor. I remember hearing the talk behind my back, as I walked out of offices where I have applied for employment based on my education and qualifications, only to hear “Uppity Meskin the never of applying for a white-man’s job. My parents and my generation fought hard to enjoy the right to live and enjoy the bounty or American life and opportunity. We strive to be. Yet, again, I see Trump and his legion of haters. Knowing that if he is elected, things will again become as bad or worse than they were for people of Mexican Ancestry or Hispanic surnames. A vote for almost anyone is better than not voting and allowing the haters to elect their demigod of Hatred Prejudice and Racism AKA the reincarnated Hitler, Donald trump.

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